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Desktop & Software Development Services

Desktop applications primarily run inside an organization and assist in the automation of business management tasks. We can provide task automation solutions that free you or your staff from performing repetitive procedures using Excel, Word or Outlook. Using automation techniques will result in improved efficiency and overall cost savings for your business.

SQL Database Administration & Consultancy Services

SQL Database

We offer specialist SQL Database Administration & Consultancy services that allows you to leverage our years of experience in SQL Database Server support services and help you to make the right decisions that will minimize downtimes to your services and mitigate potential risks and issues that may otherwise encounter along the way.

Data Migration Services

eDuce Software is a highly specialized discipline that requires extensive experience in order to meet budgetary and timeline targets. We have performed multiple data migrations for large and small businesses and therefore understand what it take to delivery a successful data migration project.

Data Transfer Services

Our services include extracting data from legacy or modern systems, restructuring, reorganizing and merging the data into a homogeneous format . In addition, this data can be cleansed, de-duplicated and verified before being exported into your eDuce system’s format.