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Create a matrix of Properties / Sites / Assets, linked to provision of Utilities and/or Services with corresponding Budgets. This will allow for Job assignment to be automated to appointed Contractors, with spend checks against agreed Budgets.

Unlimited Sites

RAMOS allows you to operate with unlimited customer sites. There is no additional charge for extra sites added to the system. A Site can be a property for managing utilities/services, an asset for servicing/maintenance, personnel for training purposes, or nay other Client sub division.

Service Charge Management

RAMOS tracks relevant service charges to ensure costs are compared with budgets for each Site.

Reactive Maintenance

All Reactive maintenance call outs are logged to Sites and costs tracked through RAMOS. Reports are available to monitor spend, to ensure repair versus replacement costs are analysed on ongoing basis.

Planned Preventative Maintenance

Scheduled maintenance can be tracked by Site and assigned Staff/Subcontractor. The system ensures the planned works are logged according to required schedule of attendance and reminders are available to ensure compliance.

Lease Document Management

Ground Rents

Rent values can be recorded against each Site and Budgets set for maintenance works. Both Reactive and Planned Maintenance can be tracked and logged against Income from Sites.

Asset Management

Client Assets can be tracked for Planned Services and all Documentation associated with works is stored on the Site dashboard. Replacement versus Maintenance costs are checked on ongoing basis.

Staff Time Keeping

Onsite staff assigned works can provide live update on work which will automatically generate their time sheets, logging hours worked on each Call out

Sites & Services Reports

Job completion reports and Document templates can be generated automatically as required for each site and associated Service call out. These Documents can then be made available to Clients for direct download from web access.