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Purchase Orders


Requisitions and Purchase Orders can be generated for materials, associated to a specific Job or for a Department. Material Purchase Orders can be raised direct from a Job and the spend carried through to Invoicing.

Sub Contractor Purchase Orders


A job can be assigned to a Subcontractor and Purchase Order issued to Subcontractor to confirm rates and agreed works. The cost is linked to the Job and tracked through to Invoicing.

Purchase Invoices


Supplier invoices are linked to Purchase orders and analysed to ensure agreed rates are correctly computed by supplier. Any discrepancies are flagged and credit requests automatically generated. Credit notes can then be linked to invoice to clear transactions for posting to accounts where applicable.

Supplier Deliveries

Purchase order deliveries are tracked to ensure correct quantities are received. Any discrepancies are flagged and notified to supplier, related to incorrect item delivery, or incorrect quantity.

Goods Returns

If supplier deliveries require goods to be returned, this is recorded and linked to purchase order details. Where a credit note is required this is logged with the purchase order.

Cost Centre Tracking

All purchases and individual lien items can be associated to cost centres. This allows for accurate reporting on costs.

Purchase Repors

Full reports available on supplier spend, incomplete orders, outstanding deliveries, invoice discrepancies, user spend, and job send by customer and site.