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RAMOS Inventory & Stock Control

Full stock control and inventory management. Stock control is performed automatically calculating movements from purchase orders, deliveries, goods returns, sales and adjustments from wastage. The system provides functionality to manage items by manufacturer, model, type of item, colour, size, batteries, weight, batch code, description and codes.

The Inventory Management System links Purchases, with Stock control and Sales. The software allows for sale of stock items, assembly of component parts into new product, and bundling of items into one final product. Supplier and Customer database. Stock control by department, product, staff. Reports on product profitability, supplier spend, customer sales. Full financial analysis.

  • Assembly and component part tracking
  • Material purchases
  • Deliveries and goods returns
  • Invoices and credit requests
  • Low stock alerts
  • Slow moving stock alerts
  • Categorise and group products
  • Track stock by department and staff
  • Financial analysis reports
  • Flag reorder requirements
  • Customer delivery and shipment
  • Sales / Customer invoicing in real time
  • User spend limits

If you would like a demonstration of RAMOS and to see what it could do for your business please complete the form below and we will arrange a meeting in your office.