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Core Features

Our aim is to offer one package, encompassing all business functions – instead of islands of data requiring export, then data manipulation, then import to other systems – through the provision of linked desktop, web page and mobile app options.

The software encompasses all business areas: your Customers and their Sites/Asset/Personnel, Suppliers, Staff and Subcontractors, Stock Control, Work Scheduling, Resource Allocation, Reporting and Third Party Integration.

Multiple Companies

RAMOS allows you to set up multiple companies on a single application, letting you control all your companies from a single place, while keeping each companies information separate at the same time.

The software allows you to operate under multiple company instances. There is no additional charge for extra companies added to the system.

Multiple Currencies

The RAMOS system allows you to work with multiple currencies in one system meaning it’s possible to keep track of all of your customers and suppliers in the one place, regardless of their location or currency.

The software allows you to operate with multiple currencies. There is no additional charge for extra currencies added to the system

Mobile Access

The software can be accessed by field staff out on the road or working from home, on any device that has data link. This ensures continuity of operations and sharing of information.

RAMOS can be accessed from anywhere at any time through its web and mobile APPs meaning that even if you’re out of the office you won’t miss a thing.

Back Office

The RAMOS system allows you to easily track of the goings-on in your company by letting you keep track of jobs, purchases, stock, engineers, and customers with RAMOS’ built in reporting features.

The head office system allow for different user types to operate varying features within the system. Access permissions, spend limits, authorisation levels can be created to manage functions and tasks. All transactions are tracked.

Web Access

RAMOS’s web page is a convenient way to check job progress on-the-go. Accessible from anywhere, this Web App also allows engineers to check their next job and clients to check the progress of work being done for them. Clients can also view and save job documents as soon as they are uploaded to the site cutting down the wait time for job dockets to be sent to them.

Staff, Customers and Suppliers can have varying levels of access to the system using the web option. This allows Customers to log their own Jobs, request a Quote for new Works, download Documents for their Sites. Suppliers and Staff can view Jobs assigned to them and complete work sheets and Template documents, providing live updates on Jobs.

Mobile App

The RAMOS mobile app is an easy to use application that can be installed on your engineers’ mobile devices. It allows them to update jobs, complete risk assessments, upload photos, and collect signatures digitally and all in one place, cutting down the need for paper work as all job dockets can be completed digitally there and then.

The mobile app allows Staff and Subcontractors to complete Job sheet forms and report live updates on Jobs. The mobile app is free and can also be provided to contractors for use on Customer Sites. The mobile app works offline to ensure no loss of data.

Each mobile device is authenticated using their unique IMEI number and no sensitive data is stored on the device. Should a device get stolen, administrators simply remove the IMEI from the users account and the application is disabled.

RAMOS can be easily customised to suit your company’s needs. Custom field labels allow you to change key labels in the application to fit in to your company’s existing workflow and to keep terms that are familiar to you and your staff in use.

The software will be tailored with forms and labels adapted to suit your business language. Functionality can be switched on and off depending on your requirements to ensure the system is a custom and right fit for your needs.

Encrypted Data

The data is encrypted using 256 level encryption. The database is SQL.

The RAMOS application allows users to upload an unlimited amount of document templates to the system that can be filled automatically by the application that will be available to not only those using the desktop application but also the web application. These templates allow you to create and add custom documents at will that will suit your needs and help cut down on paper work.

Create and manage unlimited document templates. These can be made available to Staff and Subcontractors to complete on site. Once documents have been uploaded to a Job a Customer can be given access to view and download.

The RAMOS package comes with free unlimited access to our engineers’ mobile application, allowing you to add as many engineers to the system and expand your business as you need without any additional charges. This means that as your business grows, RAMOS grows with you.

The mobile app allows Staff and Subcontractors to complete Job sheet forms and report live updates on Jobs. The mobile app is free and can also be provided to contractors for use on Customer Sites. The mobile app works offline to ensure no loss of data.

Full Audit Control

With RAMOS you can keep track of all actions taken on the application allowing you to easily identify when jobs were created or changed, when quotes were made or purchase orders generated, and what user did it, giving you complete transparency within the system.