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eDuce has an existing portfolio of generic products that we can customise to suit a client’s specific requirements, as well as the expertise to develop a bespoke solution. In the current climate of cost cutting, businesses will look to improve their efficiencies and reduce their overheads. eDuce products offer many benefits and added value, providing real time information and accurate reports to management.

We specialise in delivering real time office controls outside of the office. Whether you are looking to enjoy benefits from mobile sales orders, checking of stock, automatic billing or simply connectivity to your network, we are able to provide you with a personalised service to suit your unique needs.

The software will save users money, save time, alert early to issues, give better control and provide real time reports on business performance. The software will be adapted for each client as no two businesses operate in the same manner; our clients don’t ever change the way they work to suit the software.

We design systems using industry best practice and each client’s own terminology to ensure the solution is intuitive and effective. eDuce means to evolve and as such our software is continually revised to suit changing market conditions.

RAMOS is suitable for many different business sectors

Industries that can benefit from the power of RAMOS honey comb