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Reduction of Workloads

The system will automatically create and update reports as well as timesheets, with direct posting to accounts packages.  Automatic reminder for planned works and contract ends, as well as outstanding quotes and purchase deliveries. The reduction in workload of administrative tasks will allow for staff to allocate time saved to business improvements and new business generation.

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Productivity & Profitability

The system provides live reports on productivity and profitability. This will allow you to be better informed regarding which customers are most profitable, best types of jobs to pursue, staff that require training and improve your cash flow through improved allocation of resources.

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Increased Effiency

The system will highlight areas of improvement such as staff requiring additional training and outstanding quotes, invoices and deliveries ensuring future efficiences are constantly increasing.

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Better Communication

Staff, supplier and customer relations will improve through timely communication and updates. Engineers will update jobs live from the job site which will allow for transmission of reports to customers as as soon as works are completed. Customers can log in to the webpage to review jobs and download any required reports. Suppliers will receive purchase orders and confirmation of works assigned.

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Competitive Advantage

The system allows our clients to offer same day live updates to their customers on works carried out as well the as generation of template documents with a web page link for customers to access up to date reports. No matter the size of your business, you can compete for works offering  service levels technologival advantages over your competitors.

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Peace Of Mind

The system will flag and monitor works in progress, outstanding deliveries, enquiries requiring updates, quotes not yet accepted, health and safety risk assessment forms, supplier and subcontractor expiry dates giving you peace of mind regarding audit controls and compliance. Reports are automatically generated calculating profitability and productivity to ensure best allocation of resources. The system will work for you to ensure you are maximising potential and adhering to all agreements.

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