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RAMOS Procurement

Full purchase order system tracking supplier spend by department, cost centre, allocation and individual items. Supplier product library is populated and updated live.

Purchase orders can be issued by email with document layout tailored to suit your needs. Deliveries are recorded against each purchase order with over or under quantities flagged. Goods returned are logged and details transferred to invoice section. Supplier invoices are recorded and automatically compared with agreed rates from purchase order and accepted delivery quantities. Any discrepancies on supplier invoice are highlighted and credit request issued automatically. Full posting to accounts systems.

The Procurement system is an easy to use Purchase Order package. The software contains Supplier database and Product Library to allow users calculate cost of goods, search for cheapest option, create orders, record deliveries, goods returns, automatically generate credit requests and match invoices and credit notes to orders. Price discrepancies and incorrect delivery quantities are flagged.

  • Enquiry logging
  • Customer relationship management (CRM)
  • Subcontractor / Supplier price requests
  • Stock control
  • Material purchases, deliveries
  • Supplier spend analysis
  • Sales / Customer invoicing in real time
  • Assembly and component part tracking
  • Categorize and group products
  • Link to estimating module
  • Low stock alerts
  • Slow moving stock alerts
  • Profitability reports
  • Financial reports


If you would like a demonstration of RAMOS and to see what it could do for your business please complete the form below and we will arrange a meeting in your office.