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Team Management

RAMOS enables our customers to maintain an efficient, effective, and calculated approach to the management of facilities. Companies that employ large numbers of teams, such as those in the Facilities Management space, are those that benefit the most from the features our system offers. RAMOS allows the creation of jobs and allocation of calls to multiple team members. Being a CMMS (computerised maintenance management system), RAMOS has been designed to help its users simplify the process of managing people, sites, and a variety of assets. The adoption of Facilities Management software like RAMOS does not only make life easier for the users, it also increases efficiency and narrows down the margin of error associated with managing large volumes of calls and operatives of various natures, which often includes subcontractors.

Health & Safety

Knowing how challenging compliance with health and safety requirements may be for facilities managers, RAMOS allows users to fill all the necessary documents – which can include forms such as: risk assessments, health and safety management, auditing, environmental issues, and/or health and safety training – and have them stored within the software. RAMOS permits users to upload their health and safety documents through our web or desktop interfaces.

Electronic Document Management Storage

RAMOS enables users to store all kinds of documents such as: PDFs, Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, graphic files etc. electronically, which means that facilities managers can access their data at any time, anywhere. Not only does RAMOS allow managers to pull out the information they need within seconds, it also enables the storage of unlimited amounts of documentation. By using RAMOS, companies can associate any document with any particular customer, site or asset, providing full accessibility to both internal and external resources.

Planned Preventative Maintenance

RAMOS encompasses the feature of PPM, where managers can input their scheduled maintenance plans for future reference. The system allows managers to easily search for pending maintenance tasks, by customer, site or asset. RAMOS allows users to create PPM’s with a number of scheduling options and these calls are stored in the system ready to be assigned to operatives from the jobs dashboard. In the case of a late task or one that is overlooked, RAMOS highlights these on the jobs dashboard drawing dispatchers or managers attention to the late job. Planned Preventative Maintenance tasks are easy to create and manage with RAMOS.