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RAMOS Facilities Management

  • One integrated Facilities and Asset Management system.

  • No longer islands of information for a business with data held across multiple stand alone systems, instead one integrated solution covering all business operations.

  • Fire and General Register as automatic form generation.

  • Health & Safety Risk Assessment forms

  • Method Statements

  • Full audit of all processes

  • Mobile app for onsite work capture

  • Webpage for remote work

  • Desktop application for local work

  • Online access for insurance broker, supplier and customer login

For issuing jobs to staff and subcontractor purchase orders, a dashboard can be customised to suit current vernacular and information requests. A colour-coded status bar for each job differentiates between created jobs, assigned to subcontractor, ongoing, outstanding/late, contractor enroute, contractor onsite, completed, and so forth. Any labels currently used on systems and Excel spreadsheets can be recreated and this report will be automatically populated in the Reports section. Job types (Site survey, Reactive, Planned Maintenance, etc) and Call types (plumbing, heating, electrical, painting, etc) can be added to the database quickly and easily. The file references for these descriptions are updated to the mobile apps the next time staff interact with the system, or hit the refresh button. This will make things easier the next time a job is to be ordered. The desktop application is capable of handling multiple types of orders and reporting. Simplicity is the priority when deciding what functionality to turn on and turn off. Many users can start with the simplest system possible and request that extra functionality be turned on over time.


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