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AMPM was designed by eDuce to address the exact requirements of a credit union in Ireland. During the development process, we looked at the present and future data protection requirements that all financial institutions must adhere to. AMPM addresses these requirements by giving credit unions peace of mind knowing that the loan application process can now adhere to the highest standards and regulatory requirements. AMPM will increase both efficiency and productivity across the entire loan application process and will ensure a smooth interaction between credit union members and credit union staff.

Is your Credit Union GDPR Ready?

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GDPR Governs

  • Obtaining Data

  • Purpose of Data

  • Disclosure of Data

  • Security of Data

  • Relevancy of Data

  • Access To Data

  • Compliance of Data


With GDPR coming into effect in May 2018, all credit unions need to look at how they currently store information relating to their member loan applications. Failure to do so may result in serious fines as well as potentially damaging the reputation of any credit union that is found to be in breach of these European regulations.

GDPR is about the protection of citizens’ information and is not only concerned with how that data is stored but also who has access to it – any viewing of this information must be tracked and logged. If the viewing of a members’ personal information by an unauthorised individual takes place, this is considered as a violation of  these regulations and could leave the credit union vulnerable to prosecution under the terms of the GDPR. These new regulations give more power to citizens regarding their personal information than ever before and all businesses including credit unions must be compliant.

AMPM addresses a potential vulnerability in how credit unions currently manage their loan appointment process and offers a solution to this problem that meets the GDPR requirements.

If your current storage of loan appointment information does not meet the requirements outlined by GDPR you need to act now to address this important issue.

AMPM – Features

The AMPM system comes with full reporting functionality allowing users to drill down though the various appointment types as well as the appointment status’. Users can also filter by loan officer giving management access to all the information they need to run an effective Credit Union loan facility. This level of reporting is not available when using Outlook, Google or any of the other calendar systems on the market.

AMPM is built upon the Microsoft SQL Server platform and this enterprise class database system means that it has the capacity to handle many millions of users and daily transactions. This may be beyond the requirements of credit unions but security can be found in the knowledge that your system is built on a solid foundation.

Should you require customisation of the AMPM system to meet other requirements of your credit union, we at eDuce can make these customisations a reality. Though AMPM is offered as a ready to go solution to address appointment and loan application requirements of credit unions, should you require additional functionality to address other business requirements this can be provided fro you.

The system allows for the creation of an unlimited number of appointment types and these appointment types can have relevant document templates associated to each. These templates can be used to communicate specific information to the member or inform them of the documentation that they need to bring to their loan application meeting. This helps to reduce time lost while waiting for members to provide these types of document thereby increasing the effectiveness of the loan application process.

When a member brings in relevant documentation to support their loan application, it is possible from AMPM to scan these documents and store them within the system for later viewing.

AMPM can store any document type that can be produced so once you can attach a scanner to the network in your loan office, you can scan documents privately and securely.

The association of electronic documentation to a members file means that all relevant information is available for historical comparison, if required.

There have been reported cases of staff of the Department of social and Family Affairs as well as the Revenue Comissioners who improperly accessed personal files of lottery winners. Indivduals’ personal information was viewed out of curiosity, breaching privacy and data regulations. If you don’t protect your members private information, you too are in breach of these regulations.

AMPM goes a step further than just protecting this information. AMPM keeps and audit trail of who accessed what information and when. This means that by using AMPM rather than other commercially available calendar applications, which weren’t designed to meet the loan application process requirements, you will have peace of mind that should a breach of data security occur, you can trace the source of this breach not only to the date and time, but also to the user and the computer with which the data was accessed from.

The database used in AMPM is secured using AES 256 bit encryption meaning that your data is protected. Also since our software is deployed on your premises rather than in the cloud, your confidential member information is protected within your walls and within your internal security framework.

What AMPM can do for your business

A cornerstone of all the software developed by eDuce is efficiency. We have created numerous applications, all created to meet the goal of increasing efficiency in the daily operations of our clients. AMPM has been designed to free up valuable time by providing an efficient way to manage appointments while at the same time delivering relevant documents to credit union members.

Our goal was to streamline the loan application process, put relevant documents at the fingertips of loan officers and to create a system that would efficiently manage the scheduling of loan application appointments and we have reaslsied this goal in creating our AMPM software.

AMPM has been designed to give relevant staff visibility throughout the appointment process with appointment statuses being available on central dashboard. The intelligent analysis of availability means that no appointments will be double booked for the same loan officer.

This means that administrative staff have immediate access to  slots an up-to-date calendar of availability that allows them to search for free time slots many weeks in advance and can even drill down to morning or afternoon appointment slots which helps to address your members personal scheduling requirements.

Staff annual leave can be logged in the system and AMPM will automatically make these times unavailable for the user.

Credit union employees have told us that trying to manage appointments via Outlook or Google Calendar is difficult due to the fact that unless you have access to your colleagues’ calendars you cannot be sure about availability. As a result, many resorted to the traditional handwritten diary. Both the electronic and manual systems presented  challenges as neither were designed to meet the exact needs of the loan application process.

Often when completing the loan application process, members would attend meeting without bringing some of the required documentation, thereby delaying the transaction. When an appointment is booked, AMPM gives the user the option of either printing the checklist document that is specific to the loan application type or to send it as an email attachment directly to the member. The checklist template document is pre-populated with all of the member details and saves admin staff many hours in lost time when compared to manually creating the documents with each appointment.

Overall AMPM increases the productivity of credit union staff by delivering a cohesive end-to-end solution that automates appointments and the loan application process within a totally secure environment.

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