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About eDuce Software Limited

eDuce provides software for business management, from off the shelf to bespoke, and customised to each client’s requirements. The systems cover anything to help with paperwork, reports and administration processes, such as scheduling, purchase orders, quotes, sales, document archiving and contract management.

The software will save users money, save time, alert early to issues, give better control and provide real time reports on business performance. The software will be adapted for each client as no two businesses operate in the same manner; our clients don’t ever change the way they work to suit the software.

We design systems using industry best practice and each client’s own terminology to ensure the solution is intuitive and effective. eDuce means to evolve and as such our software is continually revised to suit changing market conditions.

eDuce has an existing portfolio of generic products that we can customise to suit a client’s specific requirements, as well as the expertise to develop a bespoke solution. In the current climate of cost cutting, businesses will look to improve their efficiencies and reduce their overheads. eDuce products offer many benefits and added value, providing real time information and accurate reports to management.

We specialise in delivering real time office controls outside of the office. Whether you are looking to enjoy benefits from mobile sales orders, checking of stock, automatic billing or simply connectivity to your network, we are able to provide you with a personalised service to suit your unique needs.

eDuce means to evolve, a characteristc you should demand from your system. The company was established to provide business management software to companies of all sizes as well as firms undergoing transitions. If your business is looking for a way to improve its operations, our tailored solutions will give you the means and opportunity.

eDuce provides Integrated Mobile Solutions. From the development of innovative strategies and solutions right through to their successful delivery, all of our work and support is based on deep sector insight and expertise. We help our clients to design optimum strategies for growth, deliver effective IT that improves business performance, mobilise human resources, deliver complex programmes and major business transformations, and develop breakthrough products and processes through our unique applied technology capability.

Our aim is to ensure companies are as successful as they have the potential to be. Our systems are implemented to provide key-in-the-hand solutions.

At eDuce, we believe in providing complete business solutions. We know we can best enhance your business by creating products customised to your individual needs. All our systems are designed with future developments in mind. Our policy to constantly upgrade ensures our clients will never be left behind.

This allows our customers to capitalise on their software and make the most of everything eDuce can provide. eDuce Software is all about customer satisfaction!


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