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eDuce software is designed to reduce paper work, improve productivity and increase profitability.


Would you like to learn more about our software and what it will do for your business?


eDuce Software is designed to be fully customisable

We believe that the applications you depend upon on a daily basis should be tailored to your exact business needs. In collaboration with our clients our software may be tailored so that it meets your exact requirements.

Built Environment Industry

Do you manage, supply, service, repair or maintain in the built environment industry? Our software is perfect for you.

RAMOS Business Intelligence

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Medical Practice Management

Do you want to automise scheduling, improve efficency and co-ordinate all of your practice workflows?

RAMOS Medical Practice Management

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Financial Sector & Banking Industry

Does your credit union need GDPR compliant software with a technological edge?

Appointment & Productivity AMPM

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Our Software Packages

RAMOS is secure cutting-edge software designed for companies that service, supply, repair, maintain and manage in the built environment industry.

RAMOS  takes total control and organises every aspect of your workflow process and works on your office PC, Laptop, remotely online and also runs via your Smartphone.

RAMOS Our software is developed to integrate all stages of the workflow process enabling seamless communication of all parties involved.

RAMOS is all about real time compliance of reports, certificates and photos. It allows staff to record customer signatures on site directly via phone or tablet. Work can now be sent back to base before your team has even left the job site.

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RAMOS Medical Practice Management software is our package to manage a medical practice in its day to day operations. This software takes from our RAMOS series which is centered around Reports, Administration, Management, Operations and Scheduling.

The RAMOS Medical Practice Management application links appointments and billing with patient history and financial transactions. The software provides an easy to use appointment system with SMS appointment reminders. letter templates, patient database, patient history, invoicing, statements, correspondence archive and reports.

All of our RAMOS packages are fully customisable to your business and your operations. The transition to your own personalised software is easy when you choose RAMOS.

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Our AMPM package was designed to address the exact requirements of credit unions in Ireland.

AMPM is fully GDPR compliant. During the development process we looked at present and future data protection requirements that all financial institutions must adhere to and created AMPM accordingly. AMPM addresses these requirements giving credit unions peace of mind knowing that their loan application processes can now adhere to the highest standards and satisfy all regulatory requirements.

AMPM will increase both efficiency and productivity across the entire loan application process and will help to ensure a smooth interaction between credit union members and credit union staff.

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RAMOS In Business

eDuce Software have developed our series of RAMOS products, but what is RAMOS?


 Reports Administration –  Management  Operations Scheduling


  • Is fully customisable and adaptable to different business needs, requirements and industries.

  • Takes total control and organises every aspect of your workflow process. Each package includes; Desktop Application, Web Page Application and Mobile Application. Our software is accessible from anywhere, 24/7.

  • RAMOS is about Real Time Analysis (Mobile APP & GPS Tracking). It connects the people in your business, from office staff – to field operatives – to customers.

  • Seamlessly integrates with the business applications you use on a daily basis such as Sage and other popular accountancy or CRM applications.

Our promise to you is that RAMOS will make your work life more organsied, more transparent and less stressful for your staff, subcontractors, customers and the management of your business. 

RAMOS The power of large enterprise applications for any business

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FOUR Key Benefits Our Customers Love

RAMOS allows our clients to review and optimise the profitability of their quotes and jobs. Our clients also improve their conversion rates, decrease loss-generating activities and enjoy live analysis of the sales performance. Our reports highlight key performance indicators for what is working and what areas need more attention. With our sales reports, discover your most profitable customers, which jobs have the best margin, and discern who are your most productive members of staff and who needs further training. Make more informed decisions going forward.

Our customers love the transparency offered by RAMOS over their day to day workflow. Users of our software have full control over many features. These features include;

  • logging new enquiries,
  • issuing quotes,
  • tracking jobs,
  • scheduling jobs,
  • maintaining staff diaries,
  • creating appointments
  • inventory control
  • maintain information on call outs/jobs
  • upload photo galleries relating to call outs/jobs
  • track workflow history
  • client database
  • communications archive
  • report database
  • mobile tracking

and much more.

Some of our clients have won large new business accounts due to the edge we provide as they can now handle greater workloads with ease.

Our clients love that they can customise their experience by adding, modifying and deleting options within RAMOS.

We are always upgrading user experience by adding new features relevant to industry based on client feedback.

At eDuce, we aim to make your transition to RAMOS as effortless as possible by uploading your existing customer list and branding into your company software.

We bring you a fully personalised product by transforming your current company workflow paperback documents (invoices, job sheets etc. ) into an electronic format with your company branding for immediate ease of use.

If your business is based in the built environment industry, we believe that your engineer/field staff are the lifeblood of business.

When you purchase RAMOS for your head office you can have your team updating jobs in real time. Meaning customer queries are dealt with efficiently and invoices can be created instantly.

This immediate response means no more waiting for dockets to come back to the office or worse still, docket books being lost or left on site.

Our Core Values

eDuce Software Limited is a progressive, Dublin based, Irish owned software development company located in Centrepoint Business Park, Dublin 12.

eDuce innovation in business
eDuce software south dublin chamber in business for business
eDuce innovation in business

Would You Like To Learn More About Our software & What It Will Do For Your Business?

We work with our clients to improve efficiency and address bottlenecks that are holding the business back by improving workflows and overall enterprise efficiency.

We do this by analysing our clients current position with a view to helping them overcome challenges that may be stopping the business from reaching its full potential.

No matter what the industry, customer expectations remain the same. They now expect immediate updates and information on the job you do. They do not want to wait for office staff to be updated from docket books at the end of the week. If this is how you manage customer updates, watch out, your competitors may be delivering electronic information that their customers can access immediately and you may lose customers if you don’t change.

Get in touch now to have one of our Business Consultants contact you to arrange a FREE assessment of your current business processes. Call us on +353 1 429 7909 or email us at  info@educe.ie