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RAMOS is secure cutting-edge software designed for companies that service, supply, repair, maintain and manage in the built environment industry.

RAMOS takes total control and organises every aspect of your workflow process and works on your office PC, Laptop, remotely online and also runs via your Smartphone.

RAMOS is designed by progressive Dublin based, Irish owned software development company, eDuce Software Ltd based in Centrepoint Business Park, Dublin 12.

One big promise to you

Our promise to you is that RAMOS will make your work experience more organised, transparent and less stressful for your staff, sub contractors, customers, and management of your business.

RAMOS will increase your productivity, profitability and will give you a technological edge over your competitors. We know we will achieve this through the experience of our current happy customers. Some of our Clients have won large new business accounts due to the edge we provide as they can handle greater workloads with ease.

RAMOS is about Real Time Analysis (Mobile APP & GPS Tracking)

RAMOS connects the people in your business, from office staff to field operatives to customers. RAMOS ensures instructions are received instantly via our Smartphone APP technology from head office to your mobile workforce.

Your office staff will have total control to issue multiple jobs to site staff or subcontractors without the need for old fashioned time wasting practices such as job sheet collection. Office staff can fully track the progress from the base or remotely on the road and update clients all in real time. This results in less down time, more productivity and accountability.

RAMOS is all about real time compliance of reports, certificates, photos, and captures customer signatures in the field directly on your Smartphone. Work can now be sent back to base before your team has even left the job site.

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There are many software applications on the market that address only small pieces of needs of businesses. Software companies expect that you will make your business fit their software.  At eDuce we think differently, we believe that the applications that you depend upon on a daily basis should be tailored to your exact business needs, we put our customer first and our software second, we tailor our software so that it meets your exact requirements!

RAMOS has been developed to address these needs with the ability to seamlessly integrate with the business applications you use on a daily basis such as Sage and the other popular accountancy or CRM applications.

Some of the benefits RAMOS will bring to your business

Productivity & Profitability

Better Resource Allocation, Utilisation & Oprimisation

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Better Communication

Clearer information for you and your customers

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Reduction of Workloads

Take on and manage more customers with ease

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Competitive Advantage

Detailed Analytics Keeps You Ahead of Competition

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Increased Efficiency

Automated Reports Frees Up Valuable Business Time

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Peace of Mind For Business Owners

Reminders & Notifications Ensue Reports are Competed

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RAMOS The power of large enterprise applications for any business

4 Key Benefits Our Customers Love

1. Sales Analytics and Reports: RAMOS allows our Clients to review and optimise the profitability of their quotes and jobs. Our Clients also improve their conversion rates, decrease loss-generating activities and enjoy live analysis of the sales performance. Our reports highlight key performance indicators for what is working and what areas need more attention. With our sales reports, discover your most profitable customers, which jobs have the best margin, and who are your most productive staff and who needs to be developed. Make more informed decisions going forward.

2. Workflow Management: Our Clients love the transparency over their day to day workflow activities in their business with RAMOS today or into the future. Some inputting activities include logging new enquiries, quotes, tracking jobs, scheduling, staff diaries, appointments, stock inventory, job information, workflow history, job photo galleries, client database, communications archive, report
database, mobile tracking, and much more.

3. Fully Customisable and improving all the time: Our Clients love that they can customise their experience by adding, modifying, and deleting options within RAMOS by themselves. We are always upgrading your experience by adding new features relevant to your industry based on Client feedback (including your feedback). We also upload your customer list, branding, and transform your current company workflow paper documents (invoices, job sheets etc) into an electronic format with your company branding for ease of use. 

4. FREE Unlimited Licences Via Our App. We believe your engineer/field staff are the lifeblood of business. When you purchase RAMOS for your head office you can have all your team updating jobs in real time, meaning customer queries are dealt with efficiently and invoices can be created instantly, no more waiting for dockets to come back to the office or worse still, docket books being lost or left on site.

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How RAMOS will help your business

Do you manage, supply, service, repair or maintain in the built environment sector in any of the following:

Office blocks, industry units, schools, medical facilities, retail units, restaurants, conference centres, shopping centres, hotels, gyms, residential property, construction sites, new builds, etc …?

If the answer is yes and you have a desire to make your business more tech savvy to increase performance then you qualify for RAMOS.

Examples of Companies that RAMOS benefits:
Facilities Managers, Property Managers, Lift Maintenance, Grounds Keepers, Tradesmen, Building Supplies, Building Stock Suppliers, Utilities Maintenance, Heating Maintenance, Cleaning Contractors, Security Companies and many more.

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Would You Like To Learn More About RAMOS Business Intelligence & What It Will Do For Your Business?

We work with our clients to improve efficiency, address bottlenecks that are holding the business back by improving workflows and overall enterprise efficiency.

We do this by analysing our clients current position with a view to helping them overcome challenges that may be stopping the business from reaching its full potential.

No matter what industry, customers expectations remain the same, they now expect immediate updates and information on the job you do, not to wait for office staff to be updated from docket books at the end of the week. If this is how you manage customer updates, watch out, your competitors may be delivering electronic information that their customers can access immediately and you may lose customers if you don’t change.

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